The Steps Needed To Get A Social Housing Property

September 26, 2020

   Social housingis a more affordable option to obtain decent housing in the UK and it hashelped thousands of low income families secure a warm, safe home to live in. Thereis, however, quite a long waiting list for social housing and, after theapproval of your application, you will be added to this waiting list of otherswho are looking for social housing properties.

The stepsneeded to obtain social housing are quite straightforward:

Check YourEligibility- the allocationscheme is a set of rules to determine whether an individual is eligible for social housing.In most cases, you are eligible if you don’t have sizable amount of savings oryou have a low-income job. You need to have a local connection or relatives inthe area.

Start Applying- go to the Gov.UK website and lookfor the webpage of your local council. Fill in the application while providingcomplete details about your situation. You could be required to provideevidence for your claims. If you have problems getting a good job due to ahealth condition, there should be medical notes from a verified hospital. Thelocal council will assess your eligibility based on the information you give.Important details to include are:

·       Long-termdisabilities or health conditions.

·       Averageannual income, from benefits and job salary.

·       Currentassets and savings, including the value of your car.

·       Jobhistory.

·       Scannedcopy of UK identity card, visa, or passport, depending on your currentcitizenship.

What ToDo If Your Application Is Approved- although your application is approved, it doesn’t mean thatyou immediately get a social housing property. The waiting list can be long andthe local council will assign you a priority level. You will be given a higherpriority if you urgently need a home. Contact the local council about yoursituation and provide evidences that you need social housingurgently.

What ToDo If Your Application Is Denied- after getting confirmation that you are not eligible forsocial housing, contact the local council to reconsider their decision. If youcan’t afford renting from private landlords and your only option is to get asocial housing, try to convince the local council about your situation. If youare about to be evicted by the landlord due to late payments, the local councilmay agree to review their decision.

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